Collaborative divorce process is a relatively new way for couples to divorce.

In this process an interdisciplinary team is created to accomplish the problem solving required in the divorce process.

The collaborative divorce process involves an attorney for each party, one or more mental health coaches, and sometimes a neutral financial specialist. Working with you together as a team, they seek to contain conflict and to help you restructure from a single-family system into a two family system. This team system forms a safety net that helps you through difficult situations, emotional struggles, conflictual problem-solving, and joint planning for the needs of children.

Each professional does his or her respective job. The attorneys look out for your legal interests, the mental health coach helps manage the emotional well-being of you and the children, and the financial specialist works to reconfigure your financial arrangements. Such support for the family offers the knowledge base for dealing with the issues, a balanced approach to problem-solving, and a support system necessary to care for individuals in the middle of a terrible time.


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July 2, 2010

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